Secret Cellar Wine + Rare Cheese Pairing Party

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Paris’ Most Decadent Wine Tasting….This Wine and Cheese Tasting is Different — it’s a Pairing Party!

Most French Wine Tastings in Paris are formulaic classes with pre-set programs targeted towards tourists and held in the storefront of a wine bar or store.

Our event has been one of the most sought-after in Paris because we do things differently. Our Pairing Party is designed to stand out from the crowd — hidden underground in one of the few remaining secret little wine cellars of Paris…

Taste France as it takes flight…But with zero snobbery!

✰6 Unique Wines, Including 1 Mystery Wine and, of course, Champagne✰

✰5 French Cheeses, Some Rare + Hard-to-Find, Even in Paris!✰

✰Then, a sweet surprise…✰

Go into the cave — underground in Paris’ chic ‘le Marais’ historic district, near the Notre Dame and River Seine. This is not a class — it’s a Pairing Party… a convivial exploration of what the big deal is about French Wine & Cheese. And one of Paris’ biggest wine sensations, with over 1,600 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews!

No maps. No rules. No method, no guru, no teacher…

Just delicious things made by passionate people. Shared over a ‘Cheers,’ in a snobbery-free zone. (We favor conversation over note-taking and powerpoints). Find out why our experiences have been chosen by Google, Facebook, Dior, and Hewlett-Packard for their team-building events.

This is an irreverent tasting party with other curious culture-seekers…Between laughs + shared stories, you’ll learn why French Wine + Cheese is considered the best in the world!  (Any why 98% of our new friends have rated us 5-stars since 2018!)

Are you ready?

5 Delicious French Cheeses, including the World’s Best Cheese several years running, France’s most expensive + opulent cheese, the favorite cheese of the French, and some rare cheeses (hard to find, even in Paris!) that with stories to tell. (You can try Brie at home…)

6 Unique Wines, carefully selected to surprise and delight by our CaveMen, Jean-Noel and Baptiste, Paris’ most daring ‘cavistes’ in the world of natural wine, and Miquel — who has set his sights on joining the ranks of only 416 living Wine Masters of the World! (first he must pass his current round of exams…you can wish him luck over Champagne…)Including a blind-taste test of one unexpected, mystery wine!

A sweet finish. You may not want to plan a dinner reservation soon after!

We’ll dare you to fall in love with France –maybe you’ll stay?

Underground, in one of Paris’ oldest wine caves, we dive into Parisian culture, too — you’ll discover not only which wines to pair with that amazing cheese, but slices of Paris life + current events. This isn’t your average, touristy, wine ‘class’!

In the core of hip +creative Paris–the ‘Marais’ historic district–what starts with, ‘Cheers!’ becomes a dive into curated flight of rare + unusual cheeses, delicious wines (and, non, we don’t skimp on the bubbly) –intriguingly tasty, to wild + strong, to a ‘safe landing’ of pure deliciousness! And ends with new friends from around the globe…together we explore France…by mouth!

Make Friends in a Cave? Pourquoi Pas ?

Meet fellow curious travelers to have a convivial experience together…Cheers!

Our Pairing Party is limited in size to 8 guests, 9 if booked privately. We can also accommodate groups up to 33 for special events.

Meet us Near the River Seine in le Marais Historic District

We meet underground at our Wine & Cheese Cellar in front of the River Seine on the Right Bank, a few minutes walk from the Notre Dame Cathedral. Enjoy the rare ambiance of one of Paris most intriguing places to find out what the big deal is about French Wine and Cheese.

Good to Know

The stairs to the cellar are quite steep and treacherous and may be difficult for the mobility impaired. Contains raw dairy, wheat, possibly nut and other various allergen traces which cannot be avoided. Gluten free? We’ve got your back! Just give us a heads up 48 hours in advance (please, so we can get the good stuff) and you’ll have just as much fun as everyone.

Sorry, Lolita, you must be aged 18+ to attend.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health. Consume in moderation. L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé ». La mention « À consommer avec modération

Questions? Drop us a ‘Bonjour’…