The Best Croissants + Pastries of Paris Walk

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Taste the Icons of French Pastry

In Paris, we do food differently.

We are local Parisians who are so passionate about Food in Paris that we created a magazine about French food + culture. And we are ravenous to share our intel…

…who makes the best croissants? Coffee? Eclairs? Baguette?

Discover why, ‘the French Way of Eating’ was designated an important part of World Heritage by UNESCO.

Let’s take a stroll, meeting at the uberhip and historic Le Marais district.

We’ll zigzag chic avenues + charming passages to discover Paris’ oldest Covered Food Market (closed Mondays.)

Savor the best Croissants + ‘beaucoup’ Pastries, Chocolates, Eclairs… classics to newcomers.

It’s time that you find out what the big deal is about the French baking scene.

Much more than a French Food safari–it’s a guided tour + convivial walk with a passionate local food + culture expert about life in the world capital of deliciousness…through medieval backstreets, scandalous architecture, past recommended places to return for dinner, drinks, shopping.

See unexpected sights as well as the gems of historic Paris.

Who makes the best macarons?

The best new things you haven’t yet heard of?

Join us and find out!

This leisurely walk is two experiences in onestroll medieval backstreets and palaces (with stories to tell) whilst savoring the best tastes of Paris with a passionate local Food Scene Researcher! (Don’t eat before…)

In the historic district le Marais, We explore the patisseries, coffeeshops, boulangeries, market, selected for mention in PARIS > D E F I N E D MAGAZINE based on our glutinous investigations.

Get ready to try Iconic Parisian flavors, many with stories to tell….

✰ Pastries + Croissants + Baguette ✰

A tasting walk through some of Paris’ best bakeries — we’ll decode the French Patisserie for you. Have you ever tasted a croissant has won awards? (Welcome to Paris…)

✰ Chocolates + Macarons ✰

We’ll taste the neighbors’ secret spots and a little bit of what’s next, as well…

✰ Coffee, Parisian-style ✰

Let’s try some of the best coffee in Paris (alternatives available for non-coffee drinkers) and learn about the French way of drinking coffee at a charming spot loved by neighbors

✰ Fancy French Cheeses ✰

Meet our friend, the cheesemonger. (He has a surprise for us.) Award-winning French cheeses at the market. (You can have brie at home, let’s try something special…)

The French Marché, Decoded

Let’s join local Parisians as we stroll through Paris’ oldest covered market and learn about French food customs.

Prefer a deeper dive into the tastes of France? We go sweet AND savory on our 10 Tastes of Paris walking food tour. Read more here.

Good to Know

The maximum group size is approximately 10 guests. For private groups, we can tailor the experience and accommodate greater numbers. Contact us at and we’ll craft a custom event to remember.

We walk for about 2 hours at a leisurely pace, making many stops along the way. Total time for the experience ranges from 2 hours to 2.5 hours depending on the pace of the group.

We begin at the Mairie du Paris Centre at 2, rue Eugene Spuller, in front of the iron gates, facing the park, and generally end in the lower Marais neigborhood, a few minutes walk from the River Seine

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