First Day in Paris – the Icons + Flavors — All-Inclusive —

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Make Your First Day Something to Remember

Do you only have one day in Paris? Or, would you like one day to truly remember

Then join us as we ride, walk, cruise, and taste our way through Paris’ most iconic places (and flavors!)

Explore Paris with a Relaxed, Wanderlust Vibe

✰ See all the Iconic Paris sights ✰

✰ Taste Iconic French Flavors ✰

✰ Cruise the stunning River Seine as it begins to glitter, chilly Champagne in hand ✰

✰ At a leisure-pace, relaxing at stops along the way! ✰

Enjoy the Best of Paris (And We Do All the Planning…)

When we aren’t promenading the city with our guests, we are busy curating what’s-what in Paris for readers of PARIS > D E F I N E D MAGAZINE . Join us on an immersive, Paris adventure…a perfect Paris ‘playlist’All Inclusive!  

Let’s begin our perfect morning in the hip Canal St. Martin quarter, along a canal commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte, where we taste some of the best croissants and morning pastries in town. Then on to Le Marais Medieval district, for a food walk like no other

Then we pick up our rare French Cheeses in Paris’ oldest covered market…

Paris’ best classic desserts, chocolates, and coffee…

and some daring flavors by wily upstart bakers…

and stunning, hidden history along the way. (Like a cannonball from the Revolution and the old wall of Paris from 1000 years long ago….and some secrets we’ll save for the moment.)

We’ll hop on bikes and zigzag charming backstreets, inaccessible to big ‘tour’ groups, as you become Parisian with us by the end of the day…

Let’s ride up close — from the best angles– to all the essential sights of Paris (and of course we’ll keep some hidden gems as a surprise.)

Let’s enjoy French Champagne, and a chic picnic in a palace garden (weather permitting). 

Get up close to the Eiffel Tower and cruise Paris’ most beautiful ‘avenue’ — the River Seine as Paris sparkles. We pop bubbly and taste [ even more] unmissable French bites for a relaxing finish to a memorable day.

It’s the best of Paris in one leisurely experience!

Sample the Iconic Flavors of Paris

Don’t eat before —

✰We’ll enjoy some of Paris’ best croissants, coffee, pastries, (and surprise tastes not yet on ‘best-of’ lists)….✰
✰A French picnic including rare cheeses, charcuterie, baguette. ✰
✰A wine tasting in Paris’ oldest covered market ✰

✰ A French crêpes break, of course! ✰
✰It’s breakfast, lunch, and — just when you are hungry again — we say goodbye with a French ‘apéro’ — Champagne and the classic French early-evening snacks as we relax on Paris’ most-beloved cruise boat after our memorable day together✰

Ride Like Parisians do — Zig and Zag to the ‘Must-See’ Sights + Some Hidden Gems

We’ll see almost everything that makes Paris’ the most dreamed-about destination in the world:

✰The Notre Dame
✰The Arc de Triomphe
✰Alexandre III Bridge
✰Love Locks Bridges
✰Musee du Louvre + Musee d’Orsay
✰Several Palaces of Kings + Queens
✰The Dome Church/Napoleon’s Tomb
✰Secret Gardens

✰ Trendy Canal St. Martin neighborhood
✰La Conciergerie—Marie Antoinette’s prison
✰The Champs-Élysées
✰Sainte Chapelle
✰Tuileries Gardens

✰Place des Vosges
✰Sites from French +American Revolutions
✰Medieval Le Marais + ‘Real’ Paris neighborhoods
✰The Oldest church in Paris
✰ The River Seine

✰ And, of course, the Eiffel Tower

Let’s Cruise the River Seine with Chilly Champagne

We wrap up our magical day seeing the most stunning sights of Paris on our favorite cruise boat! We relax and pop bottles of chilly Champagne at the end of our perfect Parisian day while seeing views of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre, as we glide on the glittering River Seine…

Questions? Drop us a ‘Bonjour’…

Good to Know

You’ll see (and taste) the Best of Paris at a relaxed, leisurely, pace by walking (about 2.5 hours w/ stops every 10-15 minutes), relaxing on a boat cruise on the river Seine (seated comfortably with Champagne and French apéro), and biking along mostly quiet backstreets to get up-close to famous sights (about 2-2.5 hours at a leisure pace with stops every 10-15 min.) and seated or standing (about 2 hours) at unique stops along the way (like one of Paris’ most-loved food marché). And a garden picnic when the weather allows.

We have designed this experience so you’ll know you made the most of the day….Dress for the weather as we explore and taste our way through the best of Paris rain or shine. [But Paris is beautiful in the rain…]

We do not keep child bikes on hand for the published event, so please message us directly about booking a children’s tour. We do not enter the museums or Eiffel Tower but we enjoy the highlights of Paris in one thoughtfully-crafted day.

Total time is about 7.5 to 8 hours at a relaxed pace with breaks.

Meet us in the Charming Canal St. Martin District

Bring your camera –we meet on the bridge that was featured in the film ‘ Amelie’ at 45 Qaui de Valmy / 48 Quai de Jemmapes on the Bridge ‘Passarelle de Douanes’ over the Canal St. Martin · We end across from the the Eiffel Tower on the left bank of the River Seine