10 Tastes of Paris – Iconic French Food + Market Tasting Walk

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This is Paris’ Most Comprehensive Food Tour in 2024!

A small-group exploration of Iconic French Tastes…Led by passionate Parisians — Marie-Nathalie and Kat Walker of PARIS >> D E F I N E D MAGAZINE

This Iconic French Tasting Walk is so special, it has been featured on TV!

Let’s Taste 10+ Emblematic Tastes of France with a Laidback, Wanderlust Vibe

✰ Find Out Why French Baguette, Croissants, + Pastries Win Awards at Paris’ Oldest Market ✰

✰ Taste Iconic Flavors including the enigmatic French Escargot plus surprises ✰

✰ Relax with rare French cheeses and Wine in a secret cellar under the Medieval district just minutes from the Notre Dame ✰

You Won’t Miss a Thing…

✰ the Pastries + Croissants for Which France is World-Renown ✰

Savor some of the best croissants, pastries, macarons, and chocolates from shops beloved by locals and selected for mention in PARIS D E F I N E D MAGAZINE by our tiny team of Locals in Love with the City of Light as we take in one of Paris’ most charming neighborhoods for a grazing walk with stops to enjoy hidden gardens and fascinating historical sites.

✰ French Classics — Ready to try REAL Crêpes + Escargots? OUI! ✰

We know where the good ones are! It’s time to dive in and taste the flavors of France.

✰ Coffee, French-Style ✰

Let’s try some of the best coffee in town — at an off-the-beaten-path spot beloved by neighbors — to go with all those delicious bakery items! Learn how we drink our coffee here in France and how to order coffee in a Parisian cafe! Or tea/hot chocolate.

✰ Wine — in a secret, historic, underground cellar, of course — paired with Rare + Exceptional Cheeses and award-winning French Baguette ✰

Then we relax at the end with wine and an inviting board of those delicious French cheeses you’ve been hearing about. Including the most expensive cheese in France…and a cheese that has won the World Cheese Award twice! And a delicous cheese (with a story to tell…) so rare that it’s hard to find, even in Paris, and the secret to why it’s production is so limited…

And some of the best charcuterie you’ll ever taste! Non-alcohol alternatives available as well. You won’t be left out ;p

We are ready + eager to customise for privately-booked groups in accordance with your tastes. For all groups we check in about your preferences at the beginning of the walk and tailor the experience accordingly — as ‘neighborhood-know-it-alls’, we are ready to zig and zag to make your day in Paris memorable.

Paris is the most-visited destination in the world. More magazine articles, more blogs, more has been written about the Paris food scene than any other. So you can’t fault the locals for keeping certain things close to the vest…

Forgive us, neighbors. For we are about to take our guests on a walk to remember…

Through charming old passages…through the hippest + most historic parts of Paris, away from the crowds of visitors, we will sample the pastries — both classic and edgy — beloved by Parisians. Want to discover what the big deal is about French sweets like Macarons? And of course, the some of the Best Croissants and Baguette in Paris! Then onto wine, charcuterie, and French cheese, of course!

We zigzag past Paris’ most historic buildings, tour it’s oldest neighborhood… guide you through Paris’ most beloved covered marché (market). (As the marché is closed monday, we have an alternate route).

We stroll past in-the-know places to return to for shopping, dinner, drinks (and you’ll leave with an excerpt of the P A R I S > D E F I N E D MAGAZINE to show how to visit Paris #notlikeatourist…)

From delicious classics that are hundreds of years old — to cutting-edge flavors by daring pâtissièressavor the best offerings of a perfect Paris tasting walk…

…like a local would, stopping to enjoy coffee along the way..

We end with a refreshing wine tasting and the cheeses and charcuterie that make you think, ‘so, this is what the big deal is…’

It’s the best of both worlds, a walking tour of the charming, medieval, ‘le Marais’ neighborhood and an unforgettable tasting walk to the best and most delicious French tastes!

We take the scenic route–past all those interesting bits of Paris that you would have just walked on by if not for your ‘friend in Paris’–a neighborhood know-it-all who shares with you where Parisians hide the good coffee… and which boulangeries are worth the calories 😛

We enjoy the must-taste of some of the best bakeries in the City and visit some amazing historical sights along the way

Good to Know

All ages can attend. The group size is a maximum of 8 participants but we can arrange larger groups privately with advance notice, up to 33.

We will walk for about 2 to 2.5 hours of the approximately 4 hours experience with stops along the way. This largely takes place outdoors, with stops every fifteen minutes or so. So comfortable shoes are a must!

Be sure to bring an umbrella or rain gear — Paris is beautiful in the rain so our event goes on rain or shine.

It is not possible to avoid allergens such as nuts or gluten, unfortunately.

Easy to Book, Cancel or Reschedule Instantly, Online

We get it — you’re on vacation and things happen! We want you to be happy while you visit our sparkling little metropolis, so we do our best to accommodate your schedule simply and with instant confirmation.

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‣Cancellations up to 28 hours before the start of the event are fully refunded.

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‣After booking, you’ll receive instant confirmation via email, which you can use to access your reservation and make changes easily

Savor History + Culture Along the Way

This isn’t ~ only ~ Paris’ most comprehensive ‘Food Tour’, it’s a romp through one of Paris’ most fascinating neighborhoods, where each corner has a story to tell.

Let’s promenade some sights along the way–

✰ Paris’ oldest covered food marché (except mondays) ✰

✰ Some of our oldest — and most historic — buildings and sites from the French revolution

Award-winning bakeries (and some daring, rising stars, too) ✰

✰ Some of Paris’ best chocolate and and macaron shops (but not the ones you can find at the airport…) ✰

✰ A charming, local, French cheese market stall where our friend, the cheesemonger, welcomes us with his favorites, including France’s most expensive cheese!

✰ And some hidden historical gems (it will astound you, what we have hiding in plain sight!) ✰

Questions? Drop us a ‘Bonjour’…

Meeting Point:

In front of the gates to the Mairie du Paris Centre, across from the entrance of the Square du Temple park. Our walk ends in the lower Marais neighborhood, near the River Seine, a few minutes walk from the Notre Dame Cathedral.

This experience includes wine. Only guests who meet the legal drinking age (18) will be served wine. The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health and alcohol should only be consumed in moderation. We have judgement-free, non-alcohol, alternatives so no one is left out…