High-Concept, Uncommon Experiences™ in Paris for your clients, generous commissions for you…

Not simply ‘Tour Guides’, we are first and foremost Curators of what Paris is about…Trendsetters in our field…locals in love with the City of Light…seasoned experts…French Culture Virtuosi, Food + Wine Experts …and we often work alongside Luxury Travel Designers and Agents to craft Paris visits to remember.

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Travel Agents Partner with The Curiosity Collective for That Certain ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’

Make Your Clients’ Trip Shine with Uncommon, High-Concept Tours, Experiences and Tastings that will Dare Them to Fall in Love With Paris

Simply One Event, or A Well-Crafted Itinerary? We Are There For It.

As writers and researchers of the Paris Food Scene (and French History– and Culture- Virtuosi), we can make all the pieces fit to make your client’s trip everything they (and you…) hoped for…scheduling several events to suit the tastes and schedule of your clients is our pleasure. And we can accommodate sizes larger than our public events for private groups with ease, as we often do for team-building and special events.

We are often called upon to organize large events for corporate team-building for organizations such as Google, Dior, AirBnB, Facebook, and Hewlett-Packard, as well as bachelorette/bachelor parties, proposals of marriage, birthdays, and other such joyous occasions. We draw upon our numerous contacts to gain unique access to special places and to curate the most beautiful city in the world, Paris, for our guests.

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    Give your clients The Paris They Were Promised

    Together, we jump through the eye of the needle to deliver uncommon, high-concept Paris experiences™ for your clients. As they glide through the City of Light with our laidback, wanderlust vibe, you enjoy the feedback of satisfied clients and generous commissions. And, as we are a small team (no summer students memorizing a script, just seasoned French Food-, Wine- and History-Virtuosi doing what they love) you can be assured that they are experiencing an uncommon Paris, tied with a blue-ribbon, with us, The Curiosity Collective:

    ☆ Named Top 10% Worldwide for Expertise ☆

    ☆ 2019 Paris Experience Award ☆

    ☆ #1 in Europe, #2 Worldwide on AirBnB Experiences ☆

    ☆ Over 5,000 verified, Five-Star, Reviews ☆

    (And nearly unknown on TripAdvisor or other mass-tourism platforms!)

    Every Visit to Paris is Unique

    Explore a Few Recent CURIOSITY COLLECTIVE Case Studies

    Let’s take a closer look at what made the Curiosity Collective stand out to over 12,000 in-the-know travelers since 2018? How — in the city most saturated with activities of high-quality (and not-so-high quality) — were we were lauded as #1 in Europe — and #2 Worldwide…How we garnered over 5,000 five-star reviews (representing a volume of about 12,000 individual guests) and were named in the Top 10% Worldwide for Expertise…

    All the while remaining nearly unknown on Mass Tourism platforms like TripAdvisor and GetYourGuide…

    CASE STUDY: A Paris Day to Remember for Google Developers + Management

    THE MISSION: Welcome 30+ international visitors for an internal Google powwow which brought together teams from both EMEA region and San Francisco for a combination of sightseeing, food tasting, history, and urban exploration. The experiences must be both « Uncommon and High-Concept» (the Curiosity Collective hallmarks) to satisfy seasoned international travelers. They must also be at a relaxed pace, as the guests were on a working visit, so this represented their leisure time, and they are converging on Paris from 7 time zones for 48-72 hours! Furthermore, all had previously visited Paris for leisure, most several times.

    THE METHOD: Communicate + strategize with their Travel Agent to plan the offering: a choice between a Best Croissants +Pastries Walk or a Historic Walking Exploration of the Medieval Le Marais Quarter. Whichever the choice, we composed small groups of about 8-9 guests to keep in harmony with the residential area and cosy, medieval, backstreets, and to avoid a shouting, touristy, vibe.

    ET VOILÁ: We brought everyone together at the end, with a special reservation at one of only 2 historic cellars (but not the one on TripAdvisor) that can accommodate the larger group. The Google Team reconvened at the end of their chosen exploration for an all-team Secret Cellar French Wine and Cheese Tasting. Between Founder (and Cheese Huntress) Kat Walker, Wine Expert Miquel, and a young local chef/food blogger she called upon to co-host the Wine Tasting, they chose to feature a board of rare French cheeses instead of Brie, etc., (which one can find in most cities abroad) and focused on seasonal, unique cheeses with compelling stories (and tastes…)

    A FIN: A resounding « MERCI » from the lovely guests that we had the pleasure of spending a day with…And we inaugurated one of our two locations on Google with their 5-star reviews!

    «I’ve done 4 tours in Paris and this is by far the best…»

    «…I had high expectations for this tour but this deeply exceeded them. This was the highlight of our Paris trip and I can’t recommend it enough!!»

    CASE STUDY: Hewlett Packard Comes to Paris for Work and Leisure

    coming soon…this site is under construction like much of Paris!