Never Too ‘Old’ for a Bar Crawl

Who said you are too ‘old’ for a Bar Crawl?

Are you ‘Old’, ‘Middle Aged,’ or “Elderly,” but wanna Hit The Town??? Oui, oui, OUI!

Currently available by private request. Message us at or via the form below with your desired dates and info…

Have you ever thought you were too old for a pub crawl? Sometimes we receive messages saying, “I’d love to do a bar crawl but I’m too old…”

If anyone thinks you are ‘too old’ to check out cool bars & try French:

a) cocktails
b) beers
c) wines
d) slang
e) flirtations, or


then–JOKE’S ON THEM– because they, too will be ‘OLD’, one day. (If they are lucky!)

And you are among the lucky ones!

Because you are middle-aged (or better) and here you are in Paris (or about to be, Bon Voyage, Baby!).

And we are going to Go Out.

Anything is possible. It’s 2022 and we have never been more ready to savor life. You are never too old to rampage to fun bars with a tribe of curious international jetsetters!

So why not carouse with a pop-up tribe of fellow explorers (and a local in love with the City of Light) in this weird, wild, wonderful Paris at night?

We bet you have some stories to tell…Tell them, then forget where you came from and come be Parisian for a few hours.

Paris is way more than you see on the surface — the Eiffel Tower…delicious macarons…all those croissants… etc etc. And–we bet–so are YOU…so let’s Go Out!

You’ve come a long way, baby…You’ve never been more ready for a bar crawl! (You can also come on our Party Like Parisians Bar Rampage — it’s all-ages…)

Be ready to experience Paris bars like a local. It’s not necessary to drink even, it’s a state of mind, going out, seeing the un-touristy side of life here, having great conversations with fellow curious jetsetters from around the world!

The First Round is on Us

We kick off the revelry with one shared round of something French that perhaps you haven’t before tried…

Good to Know

Consider the weather — it’s recommended to have weather gear as we will walk about 10 min (max) between spots. We have a large selection of bars and take into consideration the weather for everyone’s comfort. When booked privately, we can visit different neighborhoods via taxis. Otherwise we walk

It’s ise to bring Euros in cash as some bars have high minimums for credit card usage. but we pass machines. Also it’s faster to buy drinks with cash.

Meeting Point

The square at street level above Jacques Bonsergent metro · Paris’ 10th arrondissement

L’ABUS D’ALCOOL EST DANGEREUX POUR LA SANTÉ. A CONSOMMER AVEC MODÉRATION. Abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health. Consume in moderation.

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