Leisurely Experience Iconic Sights + Hidden Gems by Bike

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Ride Charming Backstreets as Paris Glitters

‘This was the highlight of our trip!’ is a remark often left by our guests

-Highlights + Hidden Gems-

We have curated the essentials for which Paris is beloved and discovered the best, leisure-paced route to the ‘must-see’ sights (and hidden gems not found in a guidebook!) This is two rides packed into one. But don’t worry, we cruise at a relaxed pace — it’s not the Tour de France!

We created this ride for visiting friends — experience Paris’ Iconic Sights via charming little passages, medieval backstreets, the glittering Seine river…see the Best of Paris in one unforgettable and leisurely ride!

-Small Group Energy-

Our carefully thought-out route and tiny, convivial, group (10 max unless booked privately) allows us to zigzag to more sights, discover more interesting little corners–up close–than can be navigated with a huge, commercial, Tour Group.

We ride like Parisians–enjoying tiny backstreets, bike lanes, and the waterfront!

-See Paris Glitter as We Zigzag Charming Backstreets-

Our merry band begins in historic district Le Marais, then on to bizarre history of the famed Notre Dame, through the storied Latin Quarter, past the former garden of the Kings — the Jardin Tuileries, past the Arc de Triomphe, Napoleon’s Golden Tomb, the famed Champs-Elysees, and a memorable glide through inner grounds of the Louvre, away from crowds.

Lastly, we celebrate at the Eiffel Tower with our new Paris tribe…

See Paris sparkle — up close and from the best angles–on a leisurely ride with fellow curious international jetsetters, led by a local Parisian in love with the City of Light

–daytime and late-night ride also available–

We will see and learn about 30+ essential sights:


✰ Notre Dame,

✰ St. Chapelle,

✰ Latin Quarter,

✰Tuileries Gardens,

✰ Arc de Triomphe,

✰ Alexandre III Bridge,

✰ Invalides + Dome Church,

✰ Marie Antoinette’s prison + French Revolution Square,

✰ Grand + Petit Palais,

✰ Académie Française,

✰ Napoleon’s Tomb,

✰ Musee d’Orsay,

✰ the Champs-Elysees,

✰ Paris’ oldest church + medieval ruins,

✰ A delicious French Crepe,

✰ A memorable glide through inner grounds of Louvre.

✰We celebrate with our new tribe in front of the Eiffel Tower after a leisurely- and breezy- ride along the waterfront.

Good to Know

Guests ages 13 and up can attend, up to 10 guests total. We can accommodate larger groups, up to 40, if booked privately.

You must be confident riding a bike to enjoy this ride. The pace is leisure (not the Tour de France!). You should be able to ride a bike at a leisure pace for 2.5 hours of the (approximately) 3.5-hour experience.

For children’s experiences, please reach out directly as we do not have child sized bikes for the scheduled experience but we may be able to organize a separate ride with child bikes.

Prefer to ride in the evening? We also offer sunset and evening rides.

The leisurely-paced riding will be punctuated by many stops to see the sights and hear witty and irreverent commentary.

We will stick to bike lanes and quiet back streets as much as possible, as safety is a priority. We provide reflectives at night, and we will follow the safest routes available.

Preparing for Your Tour

It is recommended to have a snack, if possible, before the late evening ride. We meet outside a tea salon if you would like to come early and chill + eat something. They are closed Sundays

Please dress for the weather as we ride rain or shine but Paris is beautiful in the rain. We do not provide helmets.

Easy to Book, Cancel or Reschedule, Online

We get it — you’re on vacation and things happen! We want you to be happy while you visit our sparkling little metropolis, so we do our best to accommodate your schedule simply and with instant confirmation.

‣More than 72 hours before the event starts, you can reschedule at no additional charge.

‣You can also reschedule with fewer than 24 hours before the event for a 15% reschedule fee.

‣Cancellations up to 7 days before the start of the event are fully refunded.

‣Cancellations fewer than 7 days before the event begins are not refunded.

‣Privately-organized events for large groups (10 or more guests) can be rescheduled or cancelled up to 7 days before for a 10% fee.

‣After booking, you’ll receive instant confirmation via email, which you can use to access your reservation and make necessary changes easily

Meeting Point

We gather near the corner of Rue Tiron and Rue Francois Miron in le Marais district. We end at the Eiffel Tower, where we will be happy to help you navigate the next part of your evening.

Questions? Drop us a ‘Bonjour’…