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How did this small band of wily, local, Culture- and History Virtuosi become trendsetters for experiencing Paris with a laidback, wanderlust vibe?

It’s precisely because Paris can be so oppressively touristic (if you don’t know how to do it) that we became a runaway sensation, if we may humblebrag so shamelessly.

We looked at the state of tours in Paris and a light bulb went off — there are those today who don’t want to be tourists, they want to experience and immerse themselves authentically in Paris.

They are Curious. They prefer to belong.

Locals in Love with The City of Lights

And, it appears, there are enough of these unconventional types to power our little collective of passionate Locals in Love with The City of Lights to the forefront of micro-tourism in just a few short years. We started out as a few friends taking visitors around like we would for our own friends in late 2018…and now the world has taken notice.

And filled our little shelves with awards:

☆ Top 10% Worldwide for Expertise ☆

☆ 2019 Paris Experience Award ☆

☆ #1 in Europe, #2 Worldwide on AirBnB Experiences ☆

☆ Over 5,500 Five-Star Reviews ☆

And yet we don’t have a huge Instagram or Facebook Following. We don’t have a noticeable presence on TripAdvisor and GetYourGuide…We simply focus on making every tour memorable, instead of hours tagging socials and flagging reviews, or paying staff for this (we might be the only ones in town without a TripAdvisor award…). Instead we check in on locations where we visit, find out about a new wine pairing, see the renovations a partner has accomplished and discover new things for our guests to enjoy.

Word of mouth. (And a bit of press…)

We spent our time not on marketing but on getting to know our guests and something very ~vintage~ happened … Word of mouth. Many of our guests have been to visit with us more than once. Guests we meet for the first time often tell us it was their friends who came on the same tour and shared the secret. It’s a bit different from how things are done generally. We don’t have thousands of reviews on sites where large operators and marketing agencies hold sway. Just north of 5,000, verified, 5-star reviews on AirBnB and verified Google reviews. No marketing agency. No advertisements.

Our secret is no secret at all!

We use our expertise as writers and researchers of an indy guide to visiting Paris #notlikeatourist — PARIS > D E F I N E D MAGAZINE (currently in beta) to craft cool little touches that can’t be replicated for mass-tourism platforms.

We take how it’s been done before and re-imagine everything — the routes, the places visited, and make ‘Paris-ing’ more eclectic, comfortable, and fun. 

We are the cage-free, small-batch, eco-responsable, and down to frolic, alternative to the McDonalds’ of the tour scene.

Now are revved up and doing it again in 2024.

We are happy staying small but keeping it real…

We’ve got Big Paris Energy.

Come Be Parisian With Us for a Few Days

Look closely, because something really unique is happening…this is a movement.

Let’s dive deep into all the reasons Paris is beloved…

But like friends would.

When you romp (or ride, or savor French tastes, with us) you’ll liftoff feeling like you belong — in some way — to Paris, at the end of your trip…

We are privileged to be a part of something different here.

Really different.

A moment in time where you will say OUI! to our way of doing things…

Small groups. Back streets. Our neighborhoods.

The places we know are so worth it.

The must-see sights — but zigging and zagging to the best corners– the perfect angles — inaccessible to huge groups.

Are you Curious? 

Come romp our Paris…maybe you’ll fall in love (and stay) too…

Peace, Love, (and Champagne),

The Curiosity Collective



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